Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Politically Incorrect Witnessing

The news from Quebec is terrible and the loss of lives is truly regrettable. Our condolences and our prayers go with the victims of this assault on innocent people. May their families find peace after this tragedy that robbed them of their loved ones.

The bulletin from the archdiocese this week expressed Archbishop Mancini's condolences; this will be especially close to him as he has been a life-long resident of Quebec.

So here is the but. You knew it was coming.

AB Mancini attended a vigil at Halifax's Grand Parade for the victims and their families. Estimates of those who attended are in the 1000 range, that is a lot of people for a Halifax vigil.

I would ask why hasn't the Archbishop ever attended a vigil for the victims of abortion? There are close to 100,000 of them each year in Canada. He has been asked and he has declined; he has never been present at any pro-life public event. Nor have many of the priests of the diocese. I can count on one hand the clergy who have come out to Life Chain, or 40 Days for Life, or for the March for Life.

The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is an intrinsic evil.

Of all the crimes against humanity mentioned by the Second Vatican Council, including racism and anti-Semitism, two were singled out as “unspeakable crimes”: abortion and infanticide (Gaudium et Spes, 51). 
To say that an action is intrinsically illicit is to say that, when committed, it is always evil. There is no circumstance that could ever render the act morally good, or even morally neutral. Abortion is such an intrinsically evil act.
And yet, our clergy do not come out for vigils for the unborn.

I know the reason. It is politically incorrect. No one will ever criticize the Archbishop for attending a vigil for people killed in an assault on a mosque. But should he ever stand publicly as a witness for pre-born life, he would be vilified by the media and certainly excoriated by the feminists.

Our poor weak clergy, who cannot even take the scorn of society when it comes to the issue of abortion, how are they ever going to lead us when things get even tougher?

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