Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Worrisome News for the West

The outcry against President Trump's executive order that temporily curtails immigration to the US is being stoked by the sentimental feelings of tolerance and diversity. What people fail to see is that there is a very real danger to western society from the migration of Muslim peoples to the west. There is not a shared belief in our way of life; those fleeing the middle east do not hold the same views on personal liberty as Americans. Donald Trump has every right to protect the American borders from the threat of Islamic violence.

People simply do not see and will not admit that there is a clash of civilizations coming. Most North Americans haven't a clue of the problems that Europeans are now facing as a result of accepting large numbers of refugees from Syria. Malmo Sweden is now known as the 'rape capitol' of Europe. Germany has seen a dramatic uptick in sexual assaults on women by Muslim men. And it is coming here, unless we stand firm and say not on our watch. We need to be concerned citizens of the world, but it is useless to be naive and think that you can just let thousands of Muslim people enter your country and that they will assimilate. History shows that this is a culture that does not wish to assimilate and, when they are in sufficient numbers, their belief is that they are to dominate the nation they live in.

A cursory read of news items this morning yields a disturbing storyline.


I have been in this very area in Dallas airport. I would feel quite scared if this happened while I was there.

This is not a protest. This is how Muslims show their dominance in a country that they are seeking to take over. - Pamela Geller

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Another submission to the threat of Islamic violence.

And this last item:


Passing laws to prohibit speech that criticizes Islam is tantamount to bowing to Muslim authority. It is the first step to allowing Sharia law; Prime Minister Trudeau has already assumed dhimmitude.

With far-left multiculturalism-minded Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the helm, it’s only a matter of time before the Canadian government institutionalizes de facto Islamic blasphemy laws.
- Michael Qazvini, www.dailywire.com

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