Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Whew, it's over!

The American Presidential election, that is. Now for all the protests, hind-sight philosophizing, and general melt-down on the left.

I was driving back from Ontario to Nova Scotia on election day, and so I could focus entirely on the news. Listening to Patriot Radio, Fox News, then watching the coverage that night on CNN, and then rising to the day-after discussions and explanations of it all.

Alex Marlow of Patriot Radio is one smart cookie. He is editor-in-chief, I believe, and at the young age of 30, he is already showing just how smart and well-informed he is. He listens to podcasts at double speed in order to absorb more information!

During this election cycle, he has had Pat Caddell on his program every day for political commentary. Pat is a long-time Democrat, he is 67 years old, a public opinion pollster, he served in the Carter administration and several other presidential campaigns. Months ago, I watched him on Fox News Sunday Fox Report with Harris Faulkner. Harris is a classy black reporter, and she hosted a show with a different flavour, in that her panel of political insiders was composed of one republican, John LeBoutilier, and two Democrats - Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen. So the show is different from other Fox shows.

Sometime last year, Pat Caddell predicted a Trump win in this election.

His reasons: the American people were going to rise up and push back against the political elite on both sides of the aisle. For Caddell, this election was not between Republicans and Democrats, but between the American people and the political classes. And he said the people would win because they had seen government policies fail them and Trump was an outsider, beholden to no one, who was willing to 'drain the swamp'.

Then all-time Liberal movie maker, Michael Moore, also predicted a Trump win, calling Trump the legal grenade that the unemployed white working class can legitimately throw into the Washington scene to bring about change.

I was excited as I watched the election results and stayed up until 3:30 am to witness the concession of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. And yes, 'it felt good' as Moore says.

In my alternate life, when I am not being a political junkie, my main hobby is sewing and I follow some sewing blogs. I did not expect the two worlds to collide. But they did. And it has me disturbed. 

One blogger, whom I follow is a black American who has indicated her love of Obama and his presidency from day one. And she is entitled to that. After this election, she posted about how she had been discarded, or whatever you call what happens to you on Instagram. (who has time for all these social media things, that suck up hour after hour of our precious time?) She had posted that Trump was not her president. Okay, she is entitled to her opinion and to her vote.

But what I found most disturbing was her proclaiming that she is a born-again Christian and that Jesus gave us the freedom to decide things for ourselves. I am presuming here that she is speaking about abortion, because that is where the conversation went after that. And she stated that she would be making a donation to Planned Parenthood because she sincerely believes in their work.

Many comments appeared on her blog, the vast majority of them being supportive and many of them giving voice to the fact that people were shocked by a Trump win and were having difficulty coming to deal with the results of the election. Many expressed fear for the future, even people from Canada and the UK. 

A very few voiced their support for Trump and even fewer tackled the subject of abortion. 

So where am I going with this? Well, I guess I just want to say that people seem to be misinformed. I think this election cycle should have clued people in to the fact that the mainstream media are exceptionally biased. Even the New York Times has admitted to misreporting this campaign and this election. You simply cannot get accurate unbiased news from these outlets. Now, I am not saying that you will get unbiased reporting from Fox or from Breitbart, but at least you should listen to them once in a while to see what they have to say. Because they were clued in to what was happening, much more than the other outlets. So they deserve to be listened to, if you are interested in getting the whole picture.

Many people don't understand how Christians could vote for Trump. And I understand the dislike of the man, I was almost a never-Trumper myself. Until I realised that not giving support to him was in fact giving support to Hillary, and a never- Hillary I would be.  I say 'would be' because I am Canadian and cannot vote in the US election. I wish that I could.

This young man is far more eloquent than I. So I will simply link to his post on the subject. 

I don't know if Donald Trump is going to follow through on all his promises and I don't know if he is a truly pro-life candidate. But I agree with Jonathon that, rather than marginalizing and prosecuting Christians in the public square, Donald Trump will leave us alone and that is a tremendous relief. 

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