Monday, October 10, 2016

There it is - the double standard of the left

P*ssygate? Sorry, I decline to play by Washington Post rules. Every GOP nominee is a sexist pig: last time round, it was poor blameless Mitt with his "binders full of women" and his long track record of giving cancer to laid-off workers' wives. The fact that this particular nominee for once actually is a vainglorious sexist is not even interesting in a media stopped-clock kind of way - because Trump has more or less been advertising the fact on the Howard Stern show for a quarter-century. So the story is chiefly of note as a near parodic example of the ludicrously lop-sided standards applied to Democrats and Republicans: I mean, the alternative to a Trump victory is the restoration to the White House of a credibly accused rapist and serial abuser, accompanied by the woman who has gleefully trashed his victims for 40 years. This race would be very different ifJuanita Broaddrick and "You might want to put some ice on that" had received a thousandth of the media coverage given to Alicia Machado and "Miss Piggy":

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