Friday, October 14, 2016

Support Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson

Psychology professor Jordan Peterson is refusing to use the personal pronouns associated with the gender that a person identifies with, but will only use the personal pronoun that agrees with their biological gender.

For that, he is being vilified and there is talk of a case against the University of Toronto by the Ontario Human Rights Commission because they have not reprimanded or fired Professor Peterson.

So this is what the sexual revolution has come to. An ever-growing number of young adults who pretend to be whatever gender they choose and remember, that is fluid.

As one other psychologist said to Peterson, the claim is that you cannot say people are born heterosexual, but the trans-gender premise is that 'you are born this way'. Someone can claim to be homosexual from birth, so why can't the opposite be said?  The argument is so easy to refute.

But the saddest thing of all is to look at these kids who are giving the finger to the cameraman, who have been taken in by all this talk of gender and sexuality and whose lives are being ruined over it.

Support Peterson in his fight for free speech. Because if you don't have free speech, you will have violence. As he very clearly reasons, speech is the tool by which we deal with conflict. Eliminate that and you will have actual physical conflict.

He is a brave man.

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Alex said...

There are a lot of brave people in this conversation. My concern with Jordan Peterson's situation is that people on the fringes of both sides of the spectrum are using this topic as a point of contention. I've noticed that on some blogs people are stating that Peterson's perspective bolsters their pro-life and pro-gun perspectives! Certainly, he's struck a chord, but as long as the focus is on dialogue and understanding different points of view, my hope is that this scenario will move us forward as a society.