Wednesday, September 28, 2016

American Electoral Race and Canadian News too!

A very good piece from Father Dwight Longenecker on the American presidential race. He has really nailed it: Hillary Clinton is the ultimate 'helicopter mom', keeping everything in line even if it means regulating the minutiae of our daily lives and Donald Trump, the schoolyard bully who is tapping into the rebelliousness we all feel when there is an overbearing mother crowding out our individuality. Take a minute and read it, well worth the time.

He’s tapping into something much more basic. He’s tapping into America’s deep dislike and distrust of the feminization of American culture.

Now here in Canada, where politics is notoriously dull, there is an element of surprise and excitement afoot. Andrew Scheer has thrown his hat into the contest for the leader of the Conservative Party. This is great news. Scheer is a witty, brilliant and very conservative 'young' member of Parliament. He is the youngest member to ever be selected speaker of the house, and he is respected on both sides of the aisle. And best of all, he is conservative on the social issues of abortion, same sex marriage, education.

Alissa Golob and her new group are advising that we all take out memberships in the Conservative Party (only $15 per year) for the sole purpose of being able to have a voice in who becomes the next leader of that party. Click here to sign up.

This doesn't even mean that you have to vote Conservative, but it will give you a say in who does get to lead that party and that is important. Check out the videos below to get an idea of the wit of this fellow. He has the ability to lead and what a great figure to come forth when our country is in the throes of the Trudeau cult mania.

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