Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando, Florida - are guns the problem?

In reality, the motivation for the jihad is quite clear, but Barack Obama doesn’t want to acknowledge that, because to do so would force him to confront the reality of Islamic teaching regarding gays.

A terrible tragedy and already there are calls warning against backlash against the Muslim community (as if that ever happens, everyone is too scared). And of course calls for gun control, because after all it is guns that are the root of the problem.

Being a Canadian, I do have a different opinion on guns than most Americans. However in this case, I am wondering if a security guard or guards had been at that nightclub and had been armed, this terrorist could have been stopped before he completed his killing spree. Many lives might have been saved, if someone there had a gun and could take him out. Just saying ....

The problem is not guns, the problem is Islamic terrorism which President Obama refuses to name. What is his allegiance to the Islamic state? Why is he so protective of the nation of Islam?
The Left’s continuing and now reflexive obfuscation and denial in the wake of every jihad massacre only ensures that there will be many, many more such massacres.  - Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

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