Friday, April 1, 2016

Canada's "Catholic" Prime Minister

      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family attended Easter service on Sunday on Fogo Island.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's trip to Fogo Island came and went, but not before he made a surprise appearance at mass on Easter Sunday.
Rev. Anthony Aikins said Trudeau and his family popped in to attend service at Mary Queen of the World Church in Joe Batt's Arm on Sunday.
It was a surprising moment for the Roman Catholic priest from Ghana, who has only been in Canada for a few months.
After offering up a prayer for the Trudeau family, Aikins said he continued on with his Easter sermon as usual.
But before Trudeau left the church after the service, Aikins said the congregation made sure to give Trudeau one final gesture of thanks.
"As a way of saying thank you, we sang the national anthem."
Aikins said it was a visit to remember, and he's already filling in his family back home in Ghana about the big day.
"I phoned all [the family] I could to tell them that I had the privilege to meet the prime minister of the land," he said.

Four days later Justin Trudeau tweeted this in response to PEI premier's announcement that PEI would be providing abortions in the island in the near future. 
A woman’s right to choose is fundamental in Canada. We welcome today’s announcement by PEI Premier MacLauchlan on reproductive services.
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    That poor priest in Fogo, obviously one of the many African priests brought over by Catholic dioceses to fill our priestly vacuum in so many churches. He was completely hood-winked by this charming poser of a prime minister who takes advantage of his Catholic heritage to win over people.

    Justin Trudeau should be banned from receiving Communion in every Catholic church in which he presents himself. It is such a shame that Father Aikins had no idea of the position that Trudeau has on one of the most fundamental positions of the Catholic church, that of standing for the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. Nor will he know that Trudeau will be one of the western leaders who is pushing abortion and contraception on the third world, mistakenly thinking that limiting the population of the poorer nations of the world is be the key to their economic development.

    Every Catholic priest in Canada should be informed and informed very explicitly of the stand that Justin Trudeau has taken on the issue of abortion, that he "whips" his Liberal party members so that none can vote pro-life on any issue, and that he will do the same with the upcoming assisted suicide bill in June.

    This is not a man to be welcomed as a public figure worthy of tremendous respect. He should be welcomed into churches, yes, but he should also be told that he cannot make a mockery of our faith by posing as a faithful Catholic nor should he be allowed to use the church as his platform for reaching the ordinary people.


    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous said...

    This brings up the huge question of why the faithful almost *never* hear about the requirements to present oneself to receive the body and blood of Christ. We see it as a right, not a precious gift that comes with full and complete communion with the Church.

    Julie Culshaw said...

    Good point, it should be a standard homily that all priests should give, say once a year.