Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Liberal World View

In the wake of the latest terror attacks in Brussels, all sorts of pundits are making statements on the news. I was appalled by the naivete of certain liberal commentators in their assessments of the situation and in their defense of President Obama's strategy for dealing with ISIS.

I take Juan Williams for example. Juan is a veteran political commentator, employed by Fox News, as one of their token Democrats. They have a few of those, to provide some balance in their presentation of issues and also to provide debate which can become quite raucous. Today was a case in point.

The Five is a show where five pundits talk about the issues of the day. The tone is generally quite light and the panel is able to agree and disagree with one another without getting aggressive. They show good will towards one another; I think this is the key reason for the popularity of this show.

Today, the question was asked whether President Obama should have cut his South American trip short and return to Washington and whether or not he was showing seriousness in his remarks about the terror attack in Brussels. Most of the panel stated that Obama was displaying his usual attitude when talking about terrorists; he lacks a seriousness, in fact he lacks a comprehension, of what is going on and what is at stake. However Juan defended Obama, as I knew he would. But he went even further: he claimed that Obama's strategy is winning over ISIS and that ISIS is actually losing this battle.

This brought guffaws from some of the panel. Jesse Waters, in particular, derided Juan for his remarks and sarcastically turned them back upon Juan to show just how ridiculous his statements had been. Juan said something to the effect (the show isn't online yet, otherwise I would link to it) that ISIS could no longer make the big attacks that they wanted and were stuck doing these little attacks with single bombs here and there. Kimberley Guilfoyle erupted at Juan, asking him where he had been for the last six months, had he been asleep, didn't he know about San Bernadino, about France, she listed about six attacks that had happened fairly recently. Juan replied that they were not related. In fact, he stated the San Bernadino attackers were "lone wolves" and not connected with the attack in Brussels. Jesse promptly interrupted "they are all lone wolves Juan".

How naive!  Unbelievably naive!  I thought about this and it occurred to me that the liberal left cannot admit of a world in which people do bad things because they are bad. Their entire world view is built upon a utopian ideology that is based upon the innate goodness of mankind.

Therefore they cannot admit of people "going rogue" and killing others because of any evil intent. There must be ways to handle this. More education, more instilling of good values, more respect, more tolerance will bring out the best in people. They will not acknowledge that there is evil in the world and sometimes people commit evil deeds because they have decided to be evil. There is just no room in their worldview to admit of the presence of evil. All people can and will be good; they just need the right circumstances and the understanding of people to bring this about.

How do you come against such an ideology and show it to be wrong?

This Friday is the explanation. Jesus Christ's coming to earth would mean nothing if he hadn't died on the cross. He would be just another good man who was mistreated and not understood. But he came to crush the head of the evil one; yes, there is evil and there is a force behind the presence of evil. Unless you understand that man needs to be saved, you can never really come to grips with much that happens in this world.

Many people will lead good lives and do good things. But there will always be the fact of death, the fact of suffering, and how are you going to explain that without the concept of the Christian God who makes sense of the suffering.

Many non-believers say that they cannot believe in God because of the presence of evil. But I think how can you not believe in God, when you see evil? God is the only explanation for what is wrong with the world. The cross on Good Friday is the place where God came right into the midst of all this evil and suffering and his death there is what makes sense of that suffering and evil. Nothing else can even come close.

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