Thursday, March 17, 2016

Signs for Life Halifax

New sign going up in Halifax NS in a week or so. Baby Luc, about a minute after birth, taking his very first breath this side of the uterine world.

Just because a baby doesn't breathe in utero as we do after birth, they still breathe or respire by getting oxygen through the blood from mom's placenta. If people only had some inkling of the development of human beings in the womb, they would really hesitate to endorse abortion.

But as the reaction to the recent pro-life signs in Ottawa shows, people are in complete denial of the science. While they will talk about viruses and bacteria with great seriousness, they refuse to talk about the growing fetus/baby in a mother's womb.

This sign on the back of OC Transpo buses says Abortion Stops a Beating Heart. There are no graphic images or disturbing photos of aborted babies, just a simple statement. But aggressive pro-choicers have been demanding that the transit adminstration remove these signs because they are hurtful to women who have had abortions.

Grow up. If you feel mature enough to have an abortion, then you should be mature enough to let a statement like this stand. After all, it is just a simple fact - abortion does stop a beating heart. But admitting that would mean admitting to killing and that is a place that people haven't got the guts to go.

When we ran our first sign which stated Luc was born today, but his life began nine months ago, we got a volume of publicity about it, most of it very negative. Even a pediatrician at the children's hospital thought the sign was insensitive and shouldn't be anywhere near the hospital where women go to have an abortion in Halifax. 

I wonder what reaction this latest sign will get. It is the same baby Luc, as he draws his first breath. There seems to be an instinctive reaction to this photo of a newborn that stirs up incredible anguish in some women.  It is our hope that that anguish leads to their choosing some place to find healing for what they suffer, which is either grief and guilt over their own abortion, or anger that sexual activity comes with consequences. 

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Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear about another campaign. The pro-abortion anger over pro-life signs are quite ridiculous. They seem to carry a 'we believe in free speech, as long as you only say what we like'. I especially shake my head as they constantly go after advertisements of crisis pregnancy centres, who are pretty much the only ones doing post-abortion healing. From their point of view, there is nothing after an abortion. Everything is supposed to be perfect, because you solved your 'problem', and emotional trauma is a creation of the pro-life side.