Monday, March 14, 2016

Are people free to be pro-choice?

We do not buy into the lie that we are somehow against women’s rights, or against freedom: we believe very strongly in free will, because we know that we were created free by God. 

However, we also know that there is a difference between freedom and licence. 

Freedom, we know, is always ordered to the good, and one can never use the argument of freedom to do something that is intrinsically evil or contrary to the good. No one would stand up and defend a rapist’s “freedom to rape” or a thief’s “freedom to steal.” No one would say that we should be “free to hate” or “free to lie” or “free to hurt” another human being intentionally. 

Then why is it that so many in today’s society can’t understand the fact there there is no such thing as the “freedom to kill”? When a person takes an innocent human life at will, he is implying that his so-called “freedom to kill” trumps the other person’s freedom to live. 

But there is no such thing as the freedom to kill, since freedom can never be used to justify doing evil. Freedom is ordered to truth, to charity, and therefore also to the good.

Freedom can never be used to justify doing evil.  Wow!

Homily by Father Hezuk Shroff at Good Shepherd Parish Ottawa on March 12, 2016

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