Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Think twice about Trump

I hear a lot of conservatives speaking favourably about Donald Trump. They are glad that he has raised the issue of immigration, the economy, the threat of Islamic immigration in particular. It is true "the Donald" has brought some things out into public discussion that might have been given a secondary place.

However, very little is being said about Trump's past. I heard yesterday on the Glenn Beck show that NBC has bought a documentary, plus all the edited footage, made 20 years ago by British journalist Selina Scott. And, as Beck said, they are not releasing it. His reasoning is that they will wait until Trump becomes the Republican nominee and then they will release it because it will kill him. And, as the left desires, Hillary Clinton will become the next American President.

So what is this documentary? Scott was making a documentary on the life of Trump and focusing on his amazing business success, which no one can deny. But she felt "creeped out" by the man. And for 20 years, Trump sent Scott hate mail until she stopped him with a lawsuit. This statement summarizes him for Scott:

Trump is a shark. A shark has no yesterday and no tomorrow. Just the next meal, the next victim to be destroyed and consumed. And a shark must keep moving or die.

A few snippets from the article:

It is a curious truth about Trump that he believes the more obnoxious he is the more successful he becomes. 

Intimidation is a brutal weapon he has used all his life when the sweet-talking fails to get him his own way.

So it comes as no surprise to me that this is a tactic he is using to such effect in the strangest wooing of the American electorate in the nation’s history.

The more he trashes America, the higher his approval ratings. When he insults Mexicans, calls for a ban on Muslims, disrespects women and declares he will ‘bomb the s***’ out of Islamic State, a cheer goes up. 

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