Thursday, February 25, 2016

Support MP Wagantall

I don't know if this will go anywhere, but it certainly doesn't have a chance if we don't show our support.

Cathay Wagantall, MP from Yorkton SK, has tabled her first private member's bill, called Cassie and Mollie's Law. Named after a woman who died along with her unborn baby, whom she and her husband had already named Molly, when she was attacked violently by an intruder to her home. She was seven months pregnant at the time, pregnant with a baby whom she very much wanted.

The law would bring punishment upon those who harm the preborn child, when they attack the mother. At present, the baby yet to be born is not considered a person, and the person who brings about the death of that child is not charged with anything.

Pro-choice advocates are terrified when these types of issues are raised. Some years ago Ken Epp, conservative MP also from Saskatchewan brought forth a private member's bill and it was roundly defeated. I remember that year, being at the March for Life here in Halifax, and we were assaulted by angry young women who were terrified that any recognition of the unborn as having any rights would begin the breakdown of the wall around abortion that exists in Canada.

It is only a matter of time before this position will be exposed for the inhumane and illogical position that it is. Fear has never managed to subdue the truth. And it won't in the case of abortion.

The truth will come out, just as people in England were forced to recognize the slaves held in the slaving ships as human beings that were being treated despicably. One day, people will have to face the fact that we have allowed the slaughter of millions of our fellow human beings, beings that we refuse to recognize because they are small and hidden from view.

Please write to your MP in support of Ms. Wagantall. Personal letters do make a difference. I recently sent a postcard from to my MP and he did respond with acknowledgment that he had received my communication.

There is a sample letter at this site, you can use this one as is or change it to suit your purposes. Please remember to be respectful. No one can listen well to someone who writes with anger.

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