Monday, February 1, 2016

An Honest Conversation

I came across this video through a link by Barbara Kay in this article

With the outpouring of sympathy for the refugees currently coming to reside in our country, people should be aware of the demographic problem involved with the rise of Islam in the west. Ignorance, or bleeding-heart sentiments, will not keep us safe.

I find it particularly worrisome when our clergy preach about this clash of world views as if it is a contest between spirits. I heard just such a homily on Saturday morning by a German priest who is trying very hard to explain the dilemma in Germany. The refugees who have been welcomed are turning out to be not so likeable, as a small group of young Muslim men treat non-Muslim women with scorn and with violence. 

This problem of radical Muslim ideology clashing with western Judaeo-Christian culture is not a clash of spirits. It is a very real difference in the world view of the west versus Islam. And it is important to be aware and to be vocal about such difference, instead of shutting down the conversation by political correctness. Dr. Ben Carson is absolutely right when he says that political correctness will destroy us. 

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