Friday, February 26, 2016

America is going to elect a troll


Last night, my husband and I watched the 10th debate between the Republican contenders. Down to five now, the majority of the debate was between three:  Donald Trump, the front runner and the two behind him, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Governor Kasich had some good remarks but, for the most part, the debate was a fracus between these three. Dr. Ben Carson, in his usual good-natured way, tried to interject himself into the debate and he got a great laugh when he said "I wish someone would attack me" since an attack by another candidate gives you a 30-second response.

Marco Rubio clearly won the debate, but even before the debate finished, the poll on showed Trump at 68%. Even as Rubio pointed out the repetitive nature of Trump's debate performances (you say the same 5 things every time - how great you are, how well you are doing in the polls, how you are going to build a wall between Mexico and the US and Mexico will pay for it, etc) the audience burst into applause for Trump more than for any other person on the stage.

It is clear that there is a wave of support for Trump that is spreading throughout all the states. Even Florida, Rubio's home state, shows Trump leading him by 12%.

So what is going on? Trump does not disclose how he plans on doing all these things, he says he cannot disclose his tax returns because he is being audited (for the past 10 years?), he just claims things about illegal immigration, about the Middle East, about health care but he never tells in any detail how he is going to accomplish these things. And yet, the majority of Republican voters are saying that they will vote for Trump for president.

Trump is like a troll on the internet. He makes ridiculous brash comments off the top of his head, he insults people all the time, he always puts the other person down. He is just like a troll popping up on websites and leaving the worst comments, the rudest comments, comments without much thought, comments that reveal superficiality and no depth.

And people love him. The reality here is that people like the way Trump speaks rudely; they identify with this kind of communication because it is what they have been reading for years now, thanks to social media. People want to be trolls, just like "the Donald". But most are too polite to do so. If he gets the nomination, which it looks as if he will, Trump will go head to head against the Democratic candidate. And if America elects him, they will have succeeded in electing as their president a troll.

Congratulations, the great nation of America has come to this. I guess it really is a case of junk in, junk out.

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Elena said...

I think, like here, it has to do with obsession with celebrity and a certain sort of shallowness that has taken hold of most people. I suppose we have been tilling the soil for decades starting with the loss of intellectually deep religion and education.