Sunday, February 28, 2016

Abortion talk in Canada

Thank goodness for Ezra Levant and his Rebel Media.  Faith Goldy, a reporter with the former Sun News, is now a regular contributor to
and one of her favourite issues is the abortion issue and the right to life for the unborn.

She is unafraid to call out Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party; she is bold and outspoken and we need more of her and more people like her in this country, if we wish to be a humane society.

Friday, February 26, 2016

America is going to elect a troll


Last night, my husband and I watched the 10th debate between the Republican contenders. Down to five now, the majority of the debate was between three:  Donald Trump, the front runner and the two behind him, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Governor Kasich had some good remarks but, for the most part, the debate was a fracus between these three. Dr. Ben Carson, in his usual good-natured way, tried to interject himself into the debate and he got a great laugh when he said "I wish someone would attack me" since an attack by another candidate gives you a 30-second response.

Marco Rubio clearly won the debate, but even before the debate finished, the poll on showed Trump at 68%. Even as Rubio pointed out the repetitive nature of Trump's debate performances (you say the same 5 things every time - how great you are, how well you are doing in the polls, how you are going to build a wall between Mexico and the US and Mexico will pay for it, etc) the audience burst into applause for Trump more than for any other person on the stage.

It is clear that there is a wave of support for Trump that is spreading throughout all the states. Even Florida, Rubio's home state, shows Trump leading him by 12%.

So what is going on? Trump does not disclose how he plans on doing all these things, he says he cannot disclose his tax returns because he is being audited (for the past 10 years?), he just claims things about illegal immigration, about the Middle East, about health care but he never tells in any detail how he is going to accomplish these things. And yet, the majority of Republican voters are saying that they will vote for Trump for president.

Trump is like a troll on the internet. He makes ridiculous brash comments off the top of his head, he insults people all the time, he always puts the other person down. He is just like a troll popping up on websites and leaving the worst comments, the rudest comments, comments without much thought, comments that reveal superficiality and no depth.

And people love him. The reality here is that people like the way Trump speaks rudely; they identify with this kind of communication because it is what they have been reading for years now, thanks to social media. People want to be trolls, just like "the Donald". But most are too polite to do so. If he gets the nomination, which it looks as if he will, Trump will go head to head against the Democratic candidate. And if America elects him, they will have succeeded in electing as their president a troll.

Congratulations, the great nation of America has come to this. I guess it really is a case of junk in, junk out.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Support MP Wagantall

I don't know if this will go anywhere, but it certainly doesn't have a chance if we don't show our support.

Cathay Wagantall, MP from Yorkton SK, has tabled her first private member's bill, called Cassie and Mollie's Law. Named after a woman who died along with her unborn baby, whom she and her husband had already named Molly, when she was attacked violently by an intruder to her home. She was seven months pregnant at the time, pregnant with a baby whom she very much wanted.

The law would bring punishment upon those who harm the preborn child, when they attack the mother. At present, the baby yet to be born is not considered a person, and the person who brings about the death of that child is not charged with anything.

Pro-choice advocates are terrified when these types of issues are raised. Some years ago Ken Epp, conservative MP also from Saskatchewan brought forth a private member's bill and it was roundly defeated. I remember that year, being at the March for Life here in Halifax, and we were assaulted by angry young women who were terrified that any recognition of the unborn as having any rights would begin the breakdown of the wall around abortion that exists in Canada.

It is only a matter of time before this position will be exposed for the inhumane and illogical position that it is. Fear has never managed to subdue the truth. And it won't in the case of abortion.

The truth will come out, just as people in England were forced to recognize the slaves held in the slaving ships as human beings that were being treated despicably. One day, people will have to face the fact that we have allowed the slaughter of millions of our fellow human beings, beings that we refuse to recognize because they are small and hidden from view.

Please write to your MP in support of Ms. Wagantall. Personal letters do make a difference. I recently sent a postcard from to my MP and he did respond with acknowledgment that he had received my communication.

There is a sample letter at this site, you can use this one as is or change it to suit your purposes. Please remember to be respectful. No one can listen well to someone who writes with anger.

The truth about abortion: plain and simple

Dr. Anthony Levatino has teamed up with Lila Rose of Live Action to present a simple video that gives the basic facts about abortion. It is suprising how many people haven't a clue about the procedure. One woman told me that she had thought it was as simple as taking a pill and it was over. Not so easy.

It is the belief of Lila Rose that the truth will convince people of the moral evil of abortion. Certainly when people are faced with the truth, they do have a decision to make: either let the truth inform them and help them determine their position or they can choose to turn away from the truth.

But there is no way to deny that abortion ends someone's life.

Abortion clinics closing at record rate

Clinics in the US are closing at record rates, according to a newslink that I clicked on in

State regulations that make it too expensive or logistically impossible for facilities to remain in business drove more than a quarter of the closings. Industry consolidation, changing demographics, and declining demand were also behind the drop, along with doctor retirements and crackdowns on unfit providers.

So instead of the protests outside clinics that prevailed in the 60's and 70's, the new strategy is to notify legislators when clinics aren't meeting the health requirements of the state. I know this is the strategy of Operation Rescue and it is obviously successful.

The fact that so many have closed since 2011 (31 each year since that date) is extraordinary. While we can cite the specific reasons for closures, behind it all is the continued steady presence of prayer warriors. Many of these clinics are ones where 40 Days for Life vigils have been held.

The power of prayer. It really does work.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Think twice about Trump

I hear a lot of conservatives speaking favourably about Donald Trump. They are glad that he has raised the issue of immigration, the economy, the threat of Islamic immigration in particular. It is true "the Donald" has brought some things out into public discussion that might have been given a secondary place.

However, very little is being said about Trump's past. I heard yesterday on the Glenn Beck show that NBC has bought a documentary, plus all the edited footage, made 20 years ago by British journalist Selina Scott. And, as Beck said, they are not releasing it. His reasoning is that they will wait until Trump becomes the Republican nominee and then they will release it because it will kill him. And, as the left desires, Hillary Clinton will become the next American President.

So what is this documentary? Scott was making a documentary on the life of Trump and focusing on his amazing business success, which no one can deny. But she felt "creeped out" by the man. And for 20 years, Trump sent Scott hate mail until she stopped him with a lawsuit. This statement summarizes him for Scott:

Trump is a shark. A shark has no yesterday and no tomorrow. Just the next meal, the next victim to be destroyed and consumed. And a shark must keep moving or die.

A few snippets from the article:

It is a curious truth about Trump that he believes the more obnoxious he is the more successful he becomes. 

Intimidation is a brutal weapon he has used all his life when the sweet-talking fails to get him his own way.

So it comes as no surprise to me that this is a tactic he is using to such effect in the strangest wooing of the American electorate in the nation’s history.

The more he trashes America, the higher his approval ratings. When he insults Mexicans, calls for a ban on Muslims, disrespects women and declares he will ‘bomb the s***’ out of Islamic State, a cheer goes up. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our mothers did not abort, that is why we exist

But what I recommend to mothers or pregnant women is that they remain calm. Microcephaly is an ugly name but it's not an evil monster.

24-year-old journalist Ana Carolina Caceres was born with microcephaly and is doing just fine. She encourages mothers to seek medical help sooner rather than later and to learn the facts about this birth defect. She does not think that abortion is the solution to this problem. But you can bet that it will be promoted as such.

Microcephaly is a box of surprises. You may suffer from serious problems or you may not. So I believe that those who have abortions are not giving their children a chance to succeed. I survived, as do many others with microcephaly. Our mothers did not abort. That is why we exist …

Monday, February 1, 2016

An Honest Conversation

I came across this video through a link by Barbara Kay in this article

With the outpouring of sympathy for the refugees currently coming to reside in our country, people should be aware of the demographic problem involved with the rise of Islam in the west. Ignorance, or bleeding-heart sentiments, will not keep us safe.

I find it particularly worrisome when our clergy preach about this clash of world views as if it is a contest between spirits. I heard just such a homily on Saturday morning by a German priest who is trying very hard to explain the dilemma in Germany. The refugees who have been welcomed are turning out to be not so likeable, as a small group of young Muslim men treat non-Muslim women with scorn and with violence. 

This problem of radical Muslim ideology clashing with western Judaeo-Christian culture is not a clash of spirits. It is a very real difference in the world view of the west versus Islam. And it is important to be aware and to be vocal about such difference, instead of shutting down the conversation by political correctness. Dr. Ben Carson is absolutely right when he says that political correctness will destroy us.