Thursday, December 3, 2015

Obama's Promises

We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

That is what Barack Obama said just prior to being elected President of the USA.  And this is one promise that he has kept.

The latest massacre in San Bernardino CA is an attack by Muslim extremists, there is no doubt about that. They just aren't calling it that yet, and I doubt the President ever will.

I guess Syed Farook and his wife felt "rebuked" by president Obama and the other world leaders who are meeting in Paris to avert climate change, something that Obama said was a cause of such attacks. Or perhaps they will say it was just another case of "workplace violence."

ISIS has come to call on America, as they promised they would. Even though ISIS hasn't taken credit for this latest incident, they are applauding it and as terrorist exports are saying, this is the new phase of terrorism. This is the ISIS call to perpetrate terrorist acts in various parts of the world and some individuals are responding successfully to that call. One expert last night said that a recent poll of 100 mosques in the USA revealed that 80 of those mosques either encourage jihad or have literature available for those who are interested in it. Will President Obama see that as the threat that it is, or will he continue to say Islam is the "religion of peace" despite the fact that almost all terrorist acts are committed by people with names like Syed or Mohammed or Hussein?

This is an America that is quite different from the America of just a decade ago. Obama has managed to make fundamental changes to the country and he has insured that these changes will continue after he leaves office.

Obama still has not used the phrase "Islamic extremism". A cursory read of his upbringing reveals that, while he may not be a Muslim himself, he is very sympathetic towards the Muslim world. I think that he looks at his past with great fondness, an ignorant and dangerous nostalgia that makes him blind to the reality of the Muslim world.  His childhood memories lead him to conclude that "everything is better in the Muslim world". He certainly does not convey the same attitude of kindness and favour to the Christian world. I doubt that he will ever be able to see the violence of Islamic extremism with an unbiased eye, just as some children can never admit that their dysfunctional family is not normal.

Immigration:  The open-door policy of Obama's Democratic presidency gives illegal immigrants a pass. (and the latest Syrian immigrants whom the FBI says can't be vetted properly are due to begin arriving next week). Those immigrants are being located in "red" states (i.e. states that voted Republican) with the goal of turning those states "blue" (Democratic). Even though I find Ann Coulter too harsh, I think she is right that this will succeed in making it practically impossible to ever elect another Republican president in the USA. It is a well known fact that immigrants and their children, when they get the right to vote, invariably vote democratic. There are some exceptions, of course, but the majority vote Democratic.

Why do they vote that way?  They are enticed by all the hand-outs. Unlike Senator Marco Rubio, whose parents came to the US as legal immigrants and worked hard at blue-collar jobs to get ahead, the new crop of immigrants may not find jobs if they are looking, but they will be given free health care, food stamps, aid with housing, the list goes on. Wouldn't you vote for the party that ensured your well-being? Would you bite the hand that feeds you?

One in seven Americans now has to use food stamps to get their basic needs.
In 1969, the average participation in the SNAP program stood at 2,878,000. In 2014, average participation grew to 46,536,000 showing an increase of 1516.96 percent.
While the president may boast that the unemployment rate has fallen, in actual fact real unemployment has increased since vast numbers of Americans have simply stopped looking for work. And the push for increasing the minimum wage is a reflection that flipping burgers at McDonalds is now considered the job that supports a family.

Then there was Obama's push for Obamacare, the so-called health care plan that would provide health coverage for those who didn't have it. There are countless stories of how the actual numbers of insured has not increased, and many who had coverage they liked, are now facing higher costs for their coverage and they may not even be able to keep their doctor.

Yet, Obama continues to stand before Americans and the world with arrogance, proclaiming that his strategies will work, we just have to wait long enough to see. It will take time. He will be gone from office by then, scooping up huge speaking fees as he pulls a Bill-Clinton act.

I don't understand why people can't see through this. I just don't understand how people can't see that "the emperor is wearing no clothes." Whatever you think of Vladmir Putin, he sees through this President. Which may not be a good thing for us.

Unfortunately the costs of this presidency are going to be huge. How to undo the damage Obama has done, both at home and abroad, will be a monumental task for the next president, provided that president isn't Hillary Clinton.

He has kept his promise to fundamentally change America. What is disturbing is that the chain of events that he has put into place will continue after he has gone. That is the fundamental change he hoped to accomplish. No longer will America be the land of opportunity for those who wish to seek a better life for themselves and their families, but it will be the land of hand-outs, of freebies, of unrest in the youth who have no future to look forward to, a land that will have lost its founding principles. Obama will have succeeded in making America just like all the other countries in the world, just another country amongst others, rather than the beacon of freedom that it has been. I think that was his goal all along.

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