Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Don't Blame Pro-Lifers

Those who support abortion are claiming that the shooter in Colorado was provoked by rhetoric from pro-life advocates. Apparently the recent exposure of Planned Parenthood's practices of selling fetal body parts to researchers has been over the top, and so the actions of Robert Dear are attributed to the pro-life movement.

Anything to distract from what is really going on inside those PP clinics. I thought, as I watched the news reports that showed women being escorted out of the clinic to the safety of police vehicles, "was one of them in the middle of an abortion?" If yes, and quite likely that is the case, then there is another body that isn't being counted amongst the dead.

It’s interesting, isn’t it, how the Left functions. If an Islamic terrorist shoots up a theatre, he is “not a real Muslim” and “not following the peaceful tenets of True Islam.” However, if some strange nutcase opens fire outside a Planned Parenthood and proceeds to murder a pro-life pastor police officer, immediately we are all to assume that this person is definitely a Real Christian, and represents All Christians.

In the US, critics are accusing Carly Fiorina of stoking the flames of madmen such as Robert Dear, Dr. Ben Carson has actually called for the cooling of rhetoric on both sides, and in Canada, our own pro-choice voice Joyce Arthur wrote on Facebook that, while it is too early to speculate on Dear's motive, it is obvious what that motive was.

Never miss a chance to deflect the spotlight when it is being shone on your own evil deeds.

We will not allow Planned Parenthood and the abortion movement to climb atop a “moral high ground” created from the chopped-up body parts of human beings they have dismembered to smear the pro-life movement with accusations of violent rhetoric. The abortion industry, by their own admission, is killing human beings....
It’s impossible to deny that Dear hurt the pro-life movement. Regardless of his motives, Planned Parenthood now gets to play the victim and pretend that they are not the purveyors of violence, but the recipients of it. They can unleash hell on pre-born boys and girls day in, day out, filling freezers and Stericycle trucks with headless children and severed limbs—and then turn around and accuse a movement dedicated to exposing and stopping these horrors with “violent rhetoric.” Sorry, but that’s not “violent rhetoric”—it’s a description of what Planned Parenthood does, and often in their own words.

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