Monday, October 19, 2015

Harper Hate

My husband said a colleague of his walked into his office today and said "now don't be voting Conservative". I am so impressed by my husband's response: he actually engaged the guy in a conversation, beginning with the fact that neither the Liberal party or the NDP will allow their members to vote in the affirmative on any pro-life bill, in effect stripping away the meaning of their vote.

If you can't vote according to your conscience, why would you even become a member of Parliament?

His colleague hadn't really considered that aspect of things. In fact, as Ezra Levant says, the academic elite almost universally oppose Harper. As Ezra says, "they suffer from Harper-derangement syndrome". Ask them why they hate Harper and their reasons are rather flimsy.

The good side of Nick's conversation with his colleague is that this other fellow now wants to read Alexis de Toqueville. Way to go, quiet husband of mine. You have more guts than I do.

So check out Ezra's video "Why I'm voting Conservative" and hopefully a few of you haven't voted yet.

When I went to vote, I noticed that the polls were busy. And I heard that the advance polls were even busier. It seems that many people are turning out to vote. And that makes me uneasy. I fear a landslide of support for Justin Trudeau, the Liberal leader who has only worked a normal job for a a total of mine months of his entire life. A scary thought if he should be elected.

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