Monday, September 14, 2015

Free Speech in Canada

Ezra Levant is facing another court case, this time because he used the word "crazy" to describe the Alberta Human Rights Commission. What have we come to in this country, that a journalist isn't allowed to use the word "crazy" to describe an institution with which he had personal experience and which really has been rather crazy?

Last week, after attending the candidates' debate in Halifax, it was evident to me that free speech doesn't exist in Canada, not the way it does in the US or even in liberal Britain. This past week, the British Parliament had a robust debate on assisted suicide and the vote came back overwhelmingly to reject it. Imagine the same situation in Canada: Justin Trudeau would tell his party members that they had to vote for such a bill, and so would Thomas Mulcair.

Last night, we had a guest over for dinner and the subject of Ezra Levant's first case before the Alberta Human Rights Commission came up. Our guest had not heard of it, and when he learned that Levant had published the Mohammed cartoons and reported the incident and was then accused of "hate speech", he agreed that he thought it was hate speech and that it could spur a violent reaction in someone. I was speechless.

Since when does relating an event and reprinting already-published cartoons become "hate speech"?

There is a blanket of silence over many issues in Canada. It is as if we have all been told that there are certain things we cannot and must not talk about. There is a tacit agreement that you shouldn't raise certain issues, that you should avoid getting any negative reactions from people, except for the ones that are politically correct.

This frustrates me no end. This is the real reason that Sun News is no longer on the air, it wasn't an issue of money as was stated. No, the real reason is that Sun News dared to discuss topics and to interview people on those topics who hold the politically incorrect view.

Just as Christie Blatchford wrote recently about Linda Gibbons: they "are on the wrong side of the wrong issue".

We need politicians who will dare to speak on topics that have been sidelined, who will dare to make statements that get a strong negative reaction, and they need to be well-prepared so that they can flatten the opposition to their remarks with their fool-proof logic. The logic is there on those issues, and people can be trained to use it. Where are those people? Let's encourage them to come forward and then let's support them with our money so that they can get into positions of power where their voice can be heard.

If we don't, we will be lost as a nation.

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