Thursday, September 17, 2015

American Politics

Father Dwight Longenecker posted an article today entitled

asking the question Can Catholics support Carly, meaning Carly Fiorina who is moving up quickly in the polls as a Republican possible nominee.

She is impressive. Longenecker states however that Carly, having been raised Episcopalian, is not aligned with any Christian church at the moment. But she has strong conservative values, while lacking political experience. Longenecker concludes that she would make a formidable candidate if teemed with a Catholic, and he names Rubio, Santorum, Bush or Jindal.

I have been rooting for Marco Rubio since he entered the race, and I would definitely back a Rubio/Fiorina ticket. Just making my allegiances known.

Rubio is strongly principled, and of all the candidates I think he is the one who could work best across partisan lines. Santorum and Jindal, while great guys, don't have a chance in this nomination process. And I think Jeb Bush doesn't really want to be in the race, just a feeling that I get from his lacklustre enthusiasm.

I also sense that Rubio doesn't have a huge ego problem. This can be a real obstacle for anyone in the public arena, quelling that ego that always asserts itself. I don't see that in Rubio, but I see a young fresh personality who can actually listen to other people. Not everyone can. Team him up with Fiorina as his vice, and I think they could do a great job leading the most important country in the world.

For those who don't think the US is the most important country, get over it. It is.

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