Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Abortion up for discussion

Canada is one of three nations in the world that has absolutely no law protecting pre-born children. This means that a woman can, legally, terminate a pregnancy at any point during the nine months of gestation. Until the umbilical cord is cut and that baby takes its first breath, it can be targeted for abortion.

Some people are okay with this; I think they haven't really understood what abortion is. Be that as it may, many people are not okay with this once the situation is explained to them. The majority of Canadians don't even know the current state of the law vis-a-vis abortion in Canada.

We need to bring this out into the open. That is the purpose of LifeTour - to open up the discussion about abortion, and in particular, to ask those running for political office where they stand on the issue of pre-born human rights.

Because it has been too long. All restrictions on abortion were struck down in 1988 and the judges of the Supreme Court sent the issue back to the House of Commons, telling them that they needed to enact legislation to restrict all-out abortion in Canada. That didn't happen. Mulroney tried and the effort went nowhere. And no one since then has managed to make any headway on this.

Some valiant souls are keeping this issue before Canadians. Most people simply want to say that the issue is resolved and let's move on. So the question of abortion is not on most people's radar. And in my experience, those who should be leading the discussion, i.e. our pastors and priests and leaders of the Christian community, have backed away from it because it seems to be toxic to them.

Being pro-life is something jeered at in Canada. This is not so in other Western countries; not to the extent it is in Canada. So we must do something, we cannot remain silent. One day, we will look back at this period of our history and realise that we neglected the primary human right - the right to be born.

If you live in the Halifax area, please attend this meeting of LifeTour.

Friday, September 25  7:30-9:30 pm
St. John the Baptist church hall
26 Purcell's Cove Road
Halifax, NS
Free of charge, ample parking


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