Friday, July 31, 2015

Planned Parenthood is Indefensible

On July 17, I first posted on the Planned Parenthood/baby organ harvesting story, and I have watched all the unedited videos (edited and unedited) to date. I invited our pro-"choice" readers to discuss this issue, and so far not a single one has come forward. The silence is deafening, and that's never really happened here before.

Here in Canada, we have one pro-choice woman who has spoken up. This would be Joyce Arthur, aka "Choice Joyce". Logical, heartless, but logical she is.
 “If you ever need an abortion and would like to donate your fetal tissue towards research, here's how,” the Canadian Abortion Rights Coalition posted on its Facebook page on July 23, adding, "Canadian clinics do this too. Everything is handled under strict regulations and ethical guidelines.”


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