Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Abortion in Canada

By now, most people interested in the subject of abortion are aware of the videos being released in the US that are exposing the sale of fetal body parts by Planned Parenthood.

While we may not have evidence for the sale of fetal body parts for profit in Canada, there is surely evidence that those body parts are being used in medical research.

A friend of mine used to work in the Victoria General Hospital as a medical research assistant. She recalls carrying a cooler from the abortion clinic on the 5th floor to the lab of her boss, a doctor who was doing research into Reye's Syndrome. Inside the cooler were the body parts of fetuses that had been just aborted. The doctor was primarily interested in the kidneys of the fetuses for his research.

At the time, my friend did not grasp the picture of what was going on. In hind sight, she cringes at what she took part in.

So this is going on in Canada, too, not just in the United States. It seems to be much more difficult to expose this side of the abortion issue here because of the way our medical system works. I am convinced that the problem we have in Canada in exposing abortion for what it is, depends in large part on the state medical system.

Those involved in abortion in hospitals are employees of the state. Should they have problems reconciling their work with their conscience, as in the case of assisting in the performance of abortions, they have no choice because there is no other employer to hire them. Abortions are paid for by our health system, and so are the employees, be they nurses or lab assistants or researchers. Their jobs are not in the private sector, so they can't really go elsewhere to get employment.

They are stuck in the system and therefore they do what they are told. Kind of reminds you of Nazi Germany where those who worked in the death camps testified that they "were only doing what they were told". The same applies to our health care workers. They are doing what they are told. Should they object, where can they go? They can't quit and get a similar job with another company or hospital or clinic, there is no other hospital or clinic in town.

So silence about abortion will continue in Canada. State health care mandates obedience to the system. If you don't like it, better to just go and train for some other kind of work, because you won't be able to find another nursing job or lab tech job anywhere else.

Job description: park your conscience at the door and come on in.

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