Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our Changing World

Same-sex marriage, gender transitions, reproductive technology, the list seems endless of what has been unleashed by the sexual revolution.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has a very good article on this in NC Register.


Catholics, who have the strongest theological, anthropological, ethical and historical grounds for defining marriage, rightly see the crisis in marriage. But we really haven’t seen anything yet. As reproductive technologies continue to become more widely available on a global scale, the confusion about sexuality and marriage will be spread to the whole human race. The experience of the developed world has shown that while reproductive technologies can be used to turn the baby-machine both off and on, it is most frequently turned off. The demographic winter that is approaching will not only be for the developing world, but for our entire race, and there is only one solution for the problem.
His conclusion is that
The solution is for Catholics to understand clearly the simple facts of natural human sexuality, to teach them to our children and to live them out to the best of our ability. The solution is to offer an attractive, pro-life alternative by building strong, vibrant and creative families, along with dynamic human communities. 

I hope that priests read this and pluck up the courage to speak of it to their congregations. Nothing will be gained by ignoring the elephant in the room. And much can be gained by tackling the problem head on.


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