Tuesday, May 19, 2015

March for Life Halifax pushes back

Last Thursday, about 100 pro-life supporters showed up at Province House for an hour of rallying in support of life and to hear speeches by local pro-life leaders.

This is the 8th year for the March in Halifax. In all 7 previous years, Campaign Life Coalition has brought a sound system and Province House has allowed us to plug it in to a plug within the building. This year, the speaker of the house sent down a message that we could not use their power source, nor were we allowed to stand on the steps. No notice was given; if they had told CLC beforehand, other arrangements could have been made for a sound system.

The speaker's message stated that no group protesting government policy would be given any help to stage a protest. Hmm, the previous government was the pro-choice NDP; even they allowed free speech. Robert McNeil's Liberal government, not so much. Isn't democracy the kind of government where you can protest? 

Ellen Chesal of CLC is pushing back. She has written a letter to the Chronicle Herald about this and tomorrow she will be a guest of Rick Howe on 95.7 FM.

Here is the link to listen in. Ellen should be on around 9:45 am.


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Anonymous said...

How unsurprised I am at this. The Libera parties push to remove freedom of speech from citizens and members is disappointing.