Saturday, May 23, 2015

Incremental and Gestational Legislation

A few months ago, I posted a video of the day when pro-life supporters planted 100,000 pink and blue flags on Parliament Hill. This was October 2, 2014 and this group,, has repeated the full display again on the grounds of Queens Park in Toronto.

As well, there have been smaller displays of 10,000 flags in various locations across the country, about 30 so I am told; one that I heard of was in Charlottetown PEI.

Of course, we hear nothing of this from main stream media. But that is not surprising.

I was speaking with a member of the weneedalaw group this week and she told me the impact this display had in Ottawa. Many people came up, thinking that this was an event for breast cancer since October is Breast Cancer month. They were told, no not breast cancer, but these flags represent the abortions done in Canada each year. They were met with shock and disbelief at the enormity of the problem. As one person said, "surely you mean 100,000 world wide?"  No, was the reply, "each year in Canada".

Members of Parliament entering the House of Commons saw the display and apparently a number came out through the day to look. They too were taking in the vast number of flags. The display achieved its goal - to raise awareness of the extent of abortion in our country. Citing statistics just doesn't do it, but a visual display drives the reality home.

So, weneedalaw is planning on doing this in a number of cities across the country prior to the federal election next fall. When I found out, I was super excited and my adrenaline was pumping with excitement that, at last, we could do something dramatic here to show people the reality of the abortion holocaust.

Thinking that others would share my excitement, I began to talk with those whom I thought would be on board. How disappointing to find out that the very people who do the most publicly on the abortion issue are not on board with this. Why? they disagree with the philosophy of weneedalaw and therefore won't cooperate in any project with them.

The issue is gestational legislation. WeNeedaLaw supports any effort to dialogue with those in power in order to bring about some move to curtail abortion legally in this country. As it stands now, Canada is one of only three countries in the world that has absolutely no legal protection for babies in utero. In that, we stand together with North Korea and China, both countries known for their human rights violations.

Emails were flying back and forth between myself and a spokesperson for the group that refuses to cooperate, with links to various articles supporting both positions. Their position is that any legislation that is gestational is unjust because it divides babies in the womb into those who can be aborted and those who cannot be aborted. They will not support any legislation that does not outlaw abortion from conception.

The other side believes that holding out for legislation that bans all abortions from conception to birth is unreasonable and therefore efforts must be made to curtail abortion, to reduce the evil that is being perpetrated. If you can't eliminate the evil, you can reduce it.

While I respect the belief that all abortions are wrong and should be illegal, I am taking sides with weneedalaw, because I have decided that compromise is necessary in order to achieve any results. Usually compromise is a dirty word and I am usually in that camp, but my practical self says holding out on principle in this case is costing lives. If the abortion mindset is like the Berlin wall, it won't come down all at one blow; but removing brick after brick will weaken that wall and it will collapse eventually.

Just this week, Bryan Kemper wrote a post on why he was supporting the Pain-Capable law in the US. This law would ban abortions after 20 weeks, the point at which medical science says babies in utero can definitely feel pain. The law also includes exceptions for pregnancies caused by rape and incest. Kemper is usually a no-compromise sort of guy.
This has got to be one of the most divisive aspects in the pro-life movement, to the point of causing serious infighting amongst friends. I have been called evil, faithless, a compromiser, and even the enemy of God. All of this because I am willing to support legislation that I believe is a positive step toward my end goal: the total abolition of all abortion. 
 I have heard people say that every time a law is passed with an exception, that we are throwing those babies ‘under the bus’. However, we can’t throw a baby under the bus that is already under the bus. Abortion is legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and so those babies are already sentenced to die. What we can do is pull as many babies out from under the bus as we can, until the bus is no longer there.

From the website of
Even if there is no abortion law, abortion remains legal. Adding restrictions doesn't make it legal, nor does it make abortion more legal. Some of what was legal is now made illegal (e.g., abortion after 12 or 18 weeks' gestation), thereby saving some lives and limiting evil. That is exactly what the Bible calls the State to do – to limit evil.
Some might object, "Wouldn't a law prohibiting abortions after a certain number of weeks arbitrarily divide humans into 'protected' and 'unprotected' classes?" The continuum of human life begins at fertilization and ends at natural death. Currently under Canadian law only "born" humans have protection, so our law today already divides humans into "protected" and "unprotected" classes. If the law was changed to reflect increased protection by extending it to "pre-born" humans from 20 weeks to birth, then fewer babies would fall under the unprotected class, thus limiting the injustice of abortion. We certainly do and would support any initiative that would move more humans into the "protected" class.

Even Pope John Paul II made the statement that in countries that have no legal protection for the unborn, it is right and just to do whatever can be done to restrict that evil. WeNeedaLaw has the support of Priests for Life in Canada as well as the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform along with a number of pro-life voices including Bishop Henry of Edmonton AB.

Chris Rostenberg, writing in Human Life Review, writes that it is a waste of time to argue for the right to life of tiny embryos at conception. People simply do not relate to that. However, the majority of people do understand that killing a baby at six months gestation is horrific and would support banning late-term abortions.
For individuals and for societies, the debate begins with killings of older children, not with embryos or euthanasia. Late in the pregnancy, there is no real question of whether the unborn is a human person, while at the beginning of pregnancy there are such understandable questions. If you support late prenatal homicide, then you support early abortion too, but the opposite is not necessarily true, so it makes sense to discuss late abortion first. With euthanasia, the subject wants to die, but the unborn child in the sixth month does not. Late abortion is simpler than many other facets of the life issue, and more outrageous. There is an urgent need that many people feel to stop late abortion . If or when it becomes possible to pass anti-abortion laws, most states will probably go through a pro-compromise phase, The only way prolifers, pro-compromisers, and pro-hybrids can get the law they want is to expose and overturn or circumvent the supreme Court rulings, That is our first battle.

So, I support this effort even if it means a willingness to compromise on ideology. That ideology isn't getting any babies saved, and getting Canadians to support a law limiting abortions will save some babies. I can no longer stand on the sideline and be an idealist. I am willing to get down and dirty and do something that will really bring about an effect.

WeNeedaLaw is planning on putting up the 100,000 flag display here in Halifax. Date and time will  not be disclosed as we don't want those pesky pro-choice people coming and destroying it. It is done like a flash mob, come in quickly, set up, shock, and then take it down. Move to the next city.

If you want to help, email me at

We are going to need 80-100 energetic individuals to do this. All I can disclose at this point is that it will be sometime next fall. Let's get those 80-100 folks signed up now!

In case you didn't see the display in Ottawa, here is a video of it. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, flags are worth 100,000 lives.



Anonymous said...

I see the March for Life in Ottawa resulted in basically no media attention at all. I had to laugh though because journalist Kady did tweet about it, with quite a snarky anti-march attitude. Thanks, Canadian Biased Corporation.

Julie Culshaw said...

Actually I saw it covered that night by Peter Mansbridge, just a minute but it surprised me that they did even that.

Julie Culshaw said...

Now that Sun News is gone, we have lost a good source for alternate news. EWTN though sent up the Pintos who covered the March, and Brian Lilley was a commentator for them. Good to see that coverage.