Friday, April 17, 2015

Turning the abortion issue around

Senator Rand Paul, who is now running for the presidential nomination in the Republican party, was asked about abortion legislation. He very smartly turned the issue around on the reporter and said "why don't you ask the Democrats if they support killing a 7 pound baby just prior to delivery?" 

In doing this, he has rightly told reporters that it is time they asked the Democrats about their position on abortion since they are the ones in the extreme here.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz hedged the question and all that anyone could get out of her is that this is an issue between a woman and her doctor and they will not tread on the reproductive rights of women which were guaranteed by Roe v Wade.

However, her answer will not settle the question. It is getting lots of air time and it seems that Rand Paul has seen clearly just how to bring this issue before Americans, the majority of whom are opposed to late-term abortions.

Paul is not getting bogged down in the exceptions that cause such problems for people, the rape exception being #1. He is simply asking do you realise that the Democratic Party is extreme on abortion and they won't defend the rights of any baby in utero through all nine months of pregnancy?

Smart, very smart. Try to wiggle out of this one, liberals and feminists. It is time you did answer the question "do you give no rights to babies at all?  is there no abortion you do not support?"

I wish that this would come to the fore in Canada. However Campaign Life Coalition, the leading pro-life political voice, will not discuss abortion on the basis of gestational age. They do not seem to realise that gaining some ground here will lead to further acknowledging of the rights of the fetus.

Show people exactly what late-term abortion is, how many there are, and make them see that we allow all abortions for whatever reason up to the actual birth of the baby. How extreme is that position? Pro-choice supporters call pro-lifers extremists, but it is really the other way around.


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