Thursday, April 9, 2015

Obama is not a Christian, says Mark Steyn

I agree. How else can one explain the strangest six, soon to be eight, years of presidency in the US?  While he claims to be a Christian, all his sympathies are with the Muslims, whom he treats as a victim class.
Steyn concluded, “I don’t think in any sense he is a Christian, Sean. I think he’s a social justice warrior, who like a lot of people from the cultural left, regards religion as the opiate of the rubes…but I think in Obama’s case, it’s compounded by the fact that he does have this profound respect for Islam that leads him actually to invert the situation that’s going on in the world today, so that the Christians are the problem and the Muslims who are beheading the Christians, and shooting the Christians and cutting the throats of the Christians are somehow the victim group that we all need to be more sensitive to.”

Steyn is brilliant and in this interview, he is really mad. Watch it, this man speaks so clearly about what is really going on.

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