Thursday, April 23, 2015

Morsels to savour

Some interesting things heard on Fox News April 22, 2015

Bill Clinton flew in Cirque de Soleil to celebrate the 55th birthday of Ukrainian business Viktor Pinchuk. Pinchuk has been named as someone who traded with Iran while sanctions were in place, and also donated millions to the Clinton foundation at the same time. A problem for Hillary Clinton. Those Clintons, such ordinary folk.

Chelsea Clinton received $75,000 for a speech on the scourge of infant diarrhea in the third world. Wonder how many kids could be helped with that $75,000. 

I volunteer at a crisis pregnancy centre, that is broke at the moment. The director hasn't been paid this month. $75,000 is more than the centre's annual budget. Just to keep things in perspective.

And the best line of the night comes from talk-show host/former Saturday Night Live comedian Denis Miller:
"Twitter: never have lives less lived been more chronicled."  - Denis Miller

I had no idea I had to share my birthday with Earth Day. Perhaps I'll go and dig in the garden later today. Or buy a bag of sheep manure.

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