Friday, February 13, 2015

Sun News gone ....

Shock .... tonight at 8 pm, I turned the channel to 663 on Eastlink here on the east coast of Canada and found that Sun News was gone "at the discretion of the programmer".

A call to Eastlink got someone who told me she saw it on Facebook this morning, that Sun News was shut down at 5 am today.

A search on Facebook for Michael Coren leads to a link to an article in the National Post.
The struggling channel’s future had been uncertain for some weeks as it negotiated a possible acquisition by ZoomerMedia. Thursday night, however, reports began emerging from Sun News’s Toronto headquarters that the channel had only hours to live.....
In the years since (2011), Sun News has struggled to retain viewers, and in 2013 its application to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for mandatory carriage was denied.
 Since 2008, Fox’s ace in the hole has been Barack Obama. No matter how thin the news may be on a given day, Fox anchors always can wile away the hours reminding viewers of how awful America has become under Obama’s socialist, Islamo-appeasing presidency. In Canada, it’s precisely the opposite. Sun News started broadcasting on April 18, 2011, exactly two weeks before Stephen Harper earned his first majority mandate. The timing couldn’t have been worse. The whole raison d’ĂȘtre of an insurgent network like Sun is to kick the bums out. But Harper had already taken care of that. So what’s the point of watching?

A more critical analysis of why Sun News never had a fighting chance comes from Jonathan Kay of the National Post.

And for an in-depth analysis that hits a lot of bases, this one is very good.
Sun News has none of that. It needed its own trucks, its own journalists, its own resources. It could rely on the Sun chain of newspapers and the QMI Agency wire service, but those resources aren’t nearly as useful for a television news network. And it made a channel that ran cheaply seem even cheaper. Most interviews — even with their own journalists — were done via Skype, featuring compressed images of people holding phones to their ears.
Sun News was right about one thing: It often brought up issues and perspectives that we didn’t see in mainstream TV news. We should do something about that, because being stuck in a left-wing echo chamber is no more healthy for our minds or society than being stuck in a right-wing echo chamber.

I feel as if the voice of freedom has been silenced.  Where will we hear from Ezra Levant who was unafraid to discuss the Islamic terrorist issue with anyone, or Brian Lilley on pro-life issues or Michael Coren with Robert Spence of Jihad Watch?  Now we have only the politically correct views of the nation's broadcaster, the CBC, and the pitiful copy-the-news-from-other-channels Global and CTV. A loss for Canada, but then most people don't know and don't care.

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Anonymous said...

Sad news indeed. With a dominance of liberal-leaning news sources, especially the CBC, there are fewer and fewer sources that are willing to dig into the controversial issues facing us. I hope that someday in the future, we'll have a Canadian news source that takes the opposite stance of liberal media. God knows we need it.