Wednesday, February 25, 2015

No one mentions D'Souza

Recent discussions on Fox News have often focused on President Obama's "love of America". A firestorm began with Rudy Giuliani's statement that President Obama does not love America, the way that he or the average American does. Few have defended Giuliani, and the liberal media have torn Giuliani apart for comments that have their basis in facts, facts that that same media did not vet when Obama became the presidential candidate in 2007.

There are plenty of articles written about Giuliani's comments, over 9000 in fact! while other items that should really be in the news have gotten far less attention. Simply google his name to read some or watch some videos on this topic.

What bothers me however is the fact that I haven't heard one mention of Dinesh D'Souza and his book The Roots of Obama's Rage which came out in 2010. In that book, D'Souza traced Obama's background from his birth parents to his growing up in Indonesia, to his being shipped to Hawaii so that his maternal grandparents could raise him (while his mother continued her child-free life-style in Indonesia). Obama was introduced at an early age to Frank Marshall Davis, known for being a radical Communist and Obama spent a lot of his college age years in the company of Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dohrn, both of whom were charged and convicted of terrorist acts against the US.

Dinesh D'Souza went on to write another book about Obama, 2016: Obama's America, which was also made into a film in 2012. It was just around that time that charges were laid against D'Souza that he had given money illegally to a political candidate running for the Senate.
In January 2014, D'Souza was indicted on charges of making illegal political contributions to a 2012 United States Senate campaign.[10] On May 20, 2014, D'Souza pleaded guilty in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to a charge of using "straw donors" to make illegal political campaign donations. On September 23, D'Souza was sentenced to eight months in a community confinement center, five years parole, and a $30,000 fine.[11][12]
D'Souza is still serving his eight month's sentence and he has admitted publicly that he was wrong to do what he did, although there seems to be some question about whether he actually knew it was wrong to give this running-for-Senator person money. No one seems to question the huge amounts of money given by people like Tom Steyer, environmentalist and hedge-fund manager, to the Democratic Party. No question of anything illegal about that transaction in the millions of dollars, while D'Souza's donation was only in the tens of thousands.

The only person who interviews D'Souza is Megyn Kelly. He was on her show a couple of months ago, but I would have thought that someone would want to talk to him again. Given that Giuliani has uncovered once again the facts that D'Souza released in his first book, shouldn't someone be giving him some airtime? 

It is time to vindicate D'Souza. He is a brave man who dares to say some unpleasant things about someone of whom the vast majority of people, including non-Americans, have been enamored.

It mystifies me that people prefer to turn a blind eye to unpleasant truths. They would rather carry on with things as they are, even if the current political course is headed for disaster. Being a liberal must mean believing that it really is possible to create a utopia here on earth. And when someone like Obama, who is the most liberal president in American history, leads the country, the majority are willing to be led like sheep to the slaughter.

I prefer to be in the ranks of D'Souza and Giuliani who really do love their country, even though I am not an American. But I do know that how America leads, that is how the world will go. And that is why it is so terribly important to ensure the next president does have the interests of democratic America at heart.

Giuliani is correct; Obama does not love America, not the America that he was elected to lead. He might love another America, the one he intended to build when he stated that he was going to transform the United States. Just what kind of over-inflated ego would think something like that?
Surely the person who is chosen to lead should have a more realistic sense of self. Please God the next president will be someone willing to learn, rather than someone who thinks he knows what is right for everyone.

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