Friday, January 2, 2015

Eugenics an Integral Part of Progressivism

Most people who listen to the news have heard of Jonathan Gruber, the professor from MIT, who was involved in the writing of Obamacare and who was recently outed for calling the American people stupid. So stupid that Obamacare had to be initiated quickly so that they wouldn't know what was being put over on them.

Further investigation of Mr. Gruber reveals more unsavoury details about the man.

In a paper he wrote in 1997, he was talking about the economic impact of legalized abortion on the American economic situation. Echoes of Margaret Sanger.

By 1993, all cohorts under the age 18 were born under legalized abortion and we estimate steady state savings of $1.6 billion per year from positive selection.
As George Weigel says in First Things:

 In plain English: The abortion license saved the taxpayers $1.6 billion a year because those terminated before birth were from social classes most likely to be welfare clients.

This is the thinking that puts abortion clinics into poor neighbourhoods, attracting clients from the people who are usually African American or Hispanic. This is why 33% of abortions are done on 13% of the population (i.e. black Americans).

But this is not the only "positive selection" that is going on. Aborting babies who have any kind of problematic diagnosis is going on at a high rate as well.

The thinking is so pervasive that even a good Catholic woman remarked "well she wouldn't have had much of a life anyway" when she found out about the death of a nine-year child who suffered from multiple disabilities. Shouldn't our response be sympathy for the suffering of that child and her family rather than some kind of convoluted relief that her life ended before she, or perhaps, we could be burdened with any more of it?

When we live with evil, we become insensitive to it. And the more we keep quiet, the more inured to evil we become. We have to push back against the all-pervasive "culture of death" not only for the sake of those who are the victims of that culture, but for our very own spiritual health as well.

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