Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bill Donohue Unjustly Criticized

Fox News' Megyn Kelly takes Bill Donohue to task over his reaction to the massacre in Paris of journalists who mocked Mohammed.  Look past the bluster of Bill Donohue and hear what he is really saying:
 Freedom of speech is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end. And in a society like ours, one is free to put whatever one wants in the public media; however one has a responsibility for what is said, and Bill expresses the belief that one should "self-censor".
Sorry, but I don't see what is wrong with that.
Donohue upsets Megyn by stating that the journalists were "pornographers disguised as satiricists".  And he calls the journalists narcissistic.  He gets a very negative reaction from Megyn, but I think Donohue has a valid point to make. He is talking about morals here, not just a constitutional right. Donohue is taking the argument to a higher level, unfortunately most people want to stay at the level of "rights" and "freedom of speech".
Personally, I think what Donohue said was brilliant.
Liberty can be lost by the abuse of power, but also by the abuses of liberty. Self-censorhip is the friend of freedom, because if we don't have self-censorhip, we are going to have individuals interpreting their rights in an extreme fashion.  That leads basically to license.



Elena said...

I agree with self-censorship, but that sort of thing depends entirely one the writer and his views, doesn't it? One would hope that the Charlie cartoonists were above what they drew, but their cartoons say otherwise, therefore how could they have practised a self- censorship that would satisfy others with greater sensitivity? Does that make sense? If not, this post does, and I agree with rabbi bulka, we should wait to comment about people who have died so soon after their deaths. We are at risk of forgetting the humanity of the dead.

Julie Culshaw said...

And Father Longenecker's post is a good one too.