Saturday, December 13, 2014

Change of Heart

One of my daily prayer intentions is that a doctor somewhere in Canada will have a change of heart on abortion and come out on the pro-life side.  Surely there is someone somewhere who has realised that he/she can no longer perform abortions and has realised that this discarded "clump of cells" is a fellow human being.

Bruchalski is the founder of the Tepeyac Family Center in Fairfax, Virginia which is one of the only all pro-life OB/GYN health care practices in the nation. Now that he is pro-life, he is a dynamic and engaging speaker whose story and style reaches people on all sides of the culture battle and shows them the value of an evidence-based approach to medicine and the value of treating the whole person.

Bruchalski first began to question his abortion practice during a trip to Mexico City where he visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadelupe whose feast was yesterday. This was the very place where Mary appeared to Juan Diego and asked him to build a church. The story continues that Mary gave Juan a proof of her appearance by putting her image on the cape that he had used to wrap up roses to take to the Bishop as a sign from Mary. When he undid the cape to let the roses fall, there was the image on the cloth.

Bruchalski heard a voice asking him "Why are you hurting me?"  His response was to turn from the experience and ignore it. He returned to the US and continued his OB/GYN practice which included abortions.

However another trip to Yugoslavia brought him face to face with the contradiction of his life. In Medjugorje, a woman came up to him with some prophetic words which she told him to write down.
 “In health care, practice excellent medicine, see the poor daily and follow the teachings of my Son’s church,” the woman said. “If you can do those three things, you will help my Son renew the face of the earth.”

He began to weep and he said it was as if scales fell from his eyes. He returned to the US, set up his pro-life clinic and has been speaking against abortion since that time.

My question is why have I not heard of a single doctor in Canada who has had a similar experience?  Surely there is one, at least one. And if there is, why are they so timid to speak up?

In Canada, because of our national health care system, anyone who does not follow the prescribed course of practise, is ostracized and probably finds themselves out of a job. I have heard of nurses who can no longer work in certain hospitals because they will not assist in abortions. Because of the nature of government health care, the freedom of conscience of doctors and nurses is automatically curtailed. Although we are told they are allowed to follow their conscience, I very much doubt that they can in reality. Standing up for one's beliefs will mean loss of work.

If this is not true, tell me. and if it is not true, then there should be a doctor or a nurse who is willing to speak out against the 100,000 abortions that are performed annually in this country. Where are they?

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