Monday, December 8, 2014

Another African Alert

From comes more disturbing news. A Family Planning Conference is to be held in the capital of Nigeria. Not just one or two rich sponsors, but 11 western organizations are holding this conference, organizations that include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID, along with the support of International Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes.

Hardly a family planning conference, but rather a conference to prod Nigeria towards the direction that has been taken in the west. Advice from western ideologues to the Third World on how to deal with sexuality. Advice from the people who promote gender confusion, premarital sex, extra-marital sex, in fact any kind of sex except the one that is safest: sex within a committed faithful marriage.
The truth is that the listed organizers, sponsors and planners of this conference are very much in tune with the FP2020 target and in step with the highly radicalized agenda of sexual and reproductive rights which is right now sweep through the western world like a hurricane, destroying countless lives,  homes, marriages and families. 

What is it about these organizatons and individuals that make them feel compelled to share their world view with Nigeria for one example? Their own failed track record is one that has brought much grief to the west; now they want to spread that thinking to the Third World.

I recall years ago, a talk by a priest who had been a missionary in Africa for many years. He held up a picture of an African family with their many children standing in front of their small African house, chickens running around, the children barefoot, and showed it to a western audience. The African faces were all smiles. But the audience didn't get it. They did not see the happiness that these Africans found in their family life. Then he held up a picture of a typical western family with a mom and dad and just two children, posed in front of a large house. The western faces did not show the same happiness that was evident in the faces of the Africans. Then the audience got it.

It would seem that materialism upends true thinking. When one has too much of material wealth, the real value of family, children, simple tasks and experiences are not seen to have great value. Instead the possession of a pampered lifestyle replaces the values that are inherent to relationships. Stuff replaces people. And this is what the Third World peoples can show us: that stuff does not bring happiness, but the bonds of a loving family life do.

As one of my children said, after spending a year on the National Evangelization Team: "the families we stayed with, the ones that were the happiest, were always the ones with lots of kids."
I appeal passionately to my people, do not fall for the lies of misguided western ideologues. Instead, let us together as a people reconsider carefully and reflect deeply on the true meaning, purpose and implications of " Family Planning".  For this, we do not need wealthy sponsors, donors, partners and planners who have emerged from a broken world where the sanctity of human life is denied, where the law allows for the killing of the unborn, where sex outside of marriage has been normalized, where the divorce rates are staggering and the suicide rates are incredibly high. 


Elena said...

Who was the priest? Look up Dr./Sr. Leonie MacSween. She is a BOM teacher and doctor and sister in Nigeria and will have something to say on this, perhaps.

Elena said...

also, with less possessions comes less anxiety. I am not trying to idealise the life of the poor, but I can see this with my own life. The less we have, the less I feel torn in a million pieces. When there is less, there is less to worry about. I was thinking about this when I was pondering the nativity this morning.

Julie Culshaw said...

can't remember who the priest was. It was a very long time ago.