Friday, November 21, 2014

Why this method of birth control?

Essure birth control, manufactured by Bayer, is a permanent non-surgical method of birth control. Metal coils are inserted into a woman's fallopian tubes, with the result that the woman's body produces tissue that grows through the coils, thus blocking the tubes.  Eggs cannot travel down the tubes and no fertilization can occur.

Apparently, there are over 12,000 followers in a support group on a private Facebook page. The problem is that these women who have had problems with the method (from pain to migraine headaches to early menopause, cysts, and even organ puncture) cannot sure because Essure was given an FDA pre-emption.
Robert Jenner, an attorney with Janet, Jenner and Suggs in Pikesville said that “the idea behind preemption is that the companies that make approved devices get protection from the FDA and can’t be sued because the agency so heavily scrutinizes their devices.”
Why would a woman resort to this method of birth control? Since the method is permanent, why wouldn't she opt instead for a tubal ligation? (not that I am advocating that method either, just asking the obvious question).  The very idea of metal coils inserted into a body is a horrific idea. I don't see why anyone would consent to this.
We deserve healthcare that won’t hurt us. Families deserve better than having unexpected medical problems they could have avoided. And ultimately, women deserve better than tiny metal coils that ruin their lives.


Elena said...

I don't know. Is it a non-surgical procedure?

Julie Culshaw said...

Yes, apparently it can be done in a doctor's office, similar to inserting an IUD, I suppose.