Monday, November 10, 2014

CBC's biased story on abortion

This morning, Anna Maria Tremonti interviewed Katha Pollitt, the author of  Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights. This New York author says it is time to stop the language of shame that surrounds abortion.

Tremonti also interviewed Joanna Erdman, from the Dalhousie University Law School on the topic and she as well was pro-choice.

There was one brief taped clip from Andrea Mrozek who spoke against abortion. That was the only pro-life statement presented.

I emailed Tremonti asking that equal time be given to two women who would speak on the other side of this issue. After all, the CBC is the state broadcaster, completely paid for by our tax dollars. Why does Ms Tremonti get to present a show that gives one side only of this issue, when the country is split almost equally between those who are pro-choice and those who are not? 

I suggested that Tremonti do a follow-up segment, and that she feature Andrea Mrozek and Stephanie Gray, both women who can present the pro-life viewpoint coherently and without bile.

One comment made by Erdman was particularly irksome; that the procedure of abortion should not be cloaked in moral terms, as it was a legal procedure. Do we really believe that the law determines what is moral or not?  There have been many instances in history when laws have been repealed, precisely because they were proven to be bad laws, in fact laws that protected immoral actions.
One has only to recall that it was law in Nazi Germany to place Jews in concentration camps and to kill them, as they were not considered beings with the same rights as German citizens. Also, it is not so long ago that women did not have rights, but were considered the property of their husbands. And it should be commonly known that blacks were not considered human beings, but were considered chattel to be bought and sold as slaves.

So now the developing human being in the womb is given no rights. Its only protection is if it is wanted by its mother. How advanced a society are we that we now terminate those who are smaller and considered less deserving of life? One person has to die in order to provide another with her freedom.  

As both women claimed that abortion should be legal, safe and available to all women who require it, there is still no discussion of what happens in an abortion. The termination of another life is never discussed; the woman is front and centre.

Yes, there are some abortions by women for reasons of health and because they really do not think they can manage another child. But the vast majority of abortions are done because women do not want to take the consequences of their sexual activity.  We won't even bring in the men here, that is a whole other issue of irresponsibility.

Abortion, for the most part, is our society's way of dealing with unfettered sexual activity. Everyone thinks it is their right to be sexually active and they do not think it fair that they should be burdened with the consequences of those actions. Therefore, the baby has to go. It is only right and fair; why should anyone be burdened with the new life created by their behaviour? 

As for the CBC, they need to be held accountable by the taxpayers for their activity. I agree with Brian Lilley that the CBC should be de-funded and made to stand on its own merit. Let's see if it could last for any time at all without our tax dollars.

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