Thursday, October 9, 2014

This is the Pro-life Generation

I have heard it said that the majority of the younger generation is pro-life. I don't see this here in my neck of the woods, Halifax Nova Scotia, but I don't think that Halifax is representative of the rest of the country.

Here we have a very vocal pro-choice faction in the city that rises up against everything pro-life, even objecting to bus ads that simply give women the choice to visit a pregnancy centre.

But they are not in the majority. Young women like Lia in the video are coming out as pro-life. As one young person said quite simply:  "abortion is really mean." 

Isn't that the truth?


Anonymous said...

Halifax has a very unique population, unlike other cities. I never really noticed, until other people who aren't from here started to point it out to me. But I agree, I've seen the points of both sides and the pro-choice movement is very fierce. I also find a lot of them are hardline NDP supporters. A very good part of the youth in NS recognize with the NDP.

Julie Culshaw said...

The hold of the NDP on many Nova Scotians is worrying. It is not just youth who identify with the NDP, but many mature citizens go with them as well. And yet, as a government, they failed here and elsewhere.
There is a saying that when I was young, I was a liberal and when I grew older, I became a conservative.
Perhaps there is delayed maturity in Nova Scotia, given that so many older people think the NDP are great.

Suzanne F. said...

The fierceness of the opposition makes pro-life witness even more important.