Monday, October 27, 2014

Is the Catholic Church Turning Pro-Gay?

A very interesting article by Steve Wood of Family Life Center International,

 Millions of Catholic wives wonder why their husbands don’t want to go to Mass with them. Likewise, thousands of bright and beautiful young Catholic women wonder aloud, “Where are the marriageable young Catholic men?” I’m afraid it’s goodbye to many good men because of the effeminate atmosphere of the contemporary Catholic Church. The contemporary homosexualized church atmosphere is the penultimate level of feminization, and it stinks in the nostrils of normal men.
 Reporting on the defective interim report of the Family Synod, the secular media was delighted to broadcast worldwide that there is a pro-gay seismic shift in the Catholic Church. While the final report of the Synod backtracked on the morally defective statements on homosexuality and communion for those living in adulterous relationships, make no mistake, the lasting worldwide damage is done. For the man on the street, the Catholic Church is just one more institution caving in to our culture’s gay-friendly transformation.

One of the African cardinals remarked that the damage had been done when the preliminary report came out, and no amount of backtracking can undo that damage.

I was dismayed to hear that the three paragraphs that did not get 2/3 vote from the bishops and cardinals was kept in the final document, at the instructions of Pope Francis. That is a mistake. If the majority of the clergy present voted to delete those paragraphs, why were they kept in?  That sends the wrong message.

One parish priest here shared with my husband during his confession that he feared that a faction within the Church was going to succeed in throwing away 2000 years of Catholic heritage. Wish that most clergy knew, as this priest does, what is at stake here.

We don't know what is going to come in the days ahead in the Catholic Church. In most parishes, life will continue as usual, but when priests are faced with these difficult questions of how to welcome homosexuals or divorced and remarried people within the Church, they are not going to know what to do. And what usually happens in those cases, is that people tend to go with their feelings of compassion. They really don't know how to care for people when truth must be brought to bear along with compassion.

Clarity has been sacrificed. And we are left with a Church that is less able to instruct the faithful in the way that leads to salvation.
Despite the Family Synod’s backtracking in the final report, we can be sure the damage from the worldwide broadcast of the initial report will be lasting and profound. In the popular mind, the Catholic Church finally caved to the sexual revolution. The Family Synod has given the appearance that the last worldwide moral restraint on sexual sin has given way.

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