Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Catholic Review of Books - A shameless plug

A relatively new publication is on the Canadian market -

Edited and, for the most part, written by Colin Kerr, the publication is lovely to look at. I know that is not a reason to buy a magazine, but it sure helps that something is appealing at first glance. And for those of us who are weary of reading from the internet, it is just plain nice to have something in your hands that you can put down and pick up at random moments throughout the day.

But the publication is more than pretty; it is a challenge. If you like to read, and you are a Catholic who wishes to deepen your faith and your knowledge, then you really should be getting the Catholic Review of Books.

How else will we get to know what is out there to read? Once again, you have to spend hours on the computer going from site to site, picking up referrals from writers about what they found good to read. Here you have a lot of books recommended in one place.

This is the table of contents from this issue:

  Editor's Note and Letters  -  Colin has a doctorate of Theology and is an insatiable reader

  Special Feature St. Paul
  Catholic Interest

  World of Reading

  Books to Avoid!   (this is really good - saves both money and time)

  Classic Reads

  Young Adults

  Children  (a great resource for providing your kids with good faith-filled reading)

  Reviews for Kids by Kids  (come on my grandkids, I expect to see you in there soon)

  Weigel Answers

I found the last one of particular interest as I just decided to read Weigel's biography of John Paul II.

Another reason for the plug:  I reviewed a book for the publication. Victorious Exile:  The Unexpected Destiny of Katya Kolyschkine  (usually known as the B of Madonna House).

Single copies are $10 per issue; an annual subscription is $40 for Canadians. Check on the website for the price if you live in the USA.  Unfortunately, it is simply too expensive to mail the Review to other countries, such as Australia.  But those who live abroad can certainly read some of the material on the website (link above).

Please consider subscribing. We don't have too many Catholic publications in Canada, and we should really support those who are endeavouring to swim upstream in the literary world. 


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