Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beware of the victimhood analysis

I am sure that, after the events of yesterday's shootings in Ottawa, there will emerge many versions of what happened. But I predict that one thread that will become quite dominant will be the portrait of the shooter as a "victim". 

Rather than admitting flat out that this was a discontented young man who became radicalized as a Muslim extremist, there will be many who will try to analyse what went wrong, with the conclusion that this man was a victim of a broken home, drug addiction, jail trauma, etc, etc.

It doesn't matter if this guy was too bricks short of a load, he self-radicalized and became a terrorist, killing one innocent Canadian person.

Perhaps he was someone who suffered from personal trauma; but concentration on that will make us lose the picture. What most people don't want to admit is that the Islamist jihad tactics are here on our own soil. And we have to fight them for what they are.

To my shock, the Toronto Police department issued a statement to Toronto mosques that was completely uncalled for. They said that they hoped the Muslims of Toronto would not fear a backlash from the day's events, given that the young man appeared to be a Muslim. Where is the statement to young soldiers who are actually being attacked? where is the statement to Jews and Christians who are being attacked and beheaded by Muslim extremists?  Shouldn't the statement be coming from the mosques to the rest of Canadian society, apologizing for this man who has committed such violence purportedly because he is a Muslim?  I don't think any such statement will be coming.

Last night, Ezra Levant listed all the plots that have been subverted by the Canadian security system and they are numerous. Almost every month over the past year, there has been a jihadist plot that has been scuttled. Why don't we hear about these?  Well you can, actually, if you listen to the right sources. Certainly not on the CBC, the national network, but you will hear about them on Sun News.

Someone said to me that he doesn't watch or read Ezra Levant because he is too-extreme. I think that is wrong; I think the situation is extreme and Ezra is simply reporting it.

At least, our Prime Minister Stephen Harper has the courage to call terrorism "terrorism" when he sees it, unlike certain leaders who cannot use the word easily but prefer to call certain acts "workplace violence". 

Something that is very concerning and that we as Canadians need to change, is the open immigration policy that we have. Thousands of people immigrate to Canada each year, with a good majority of them coming from countries like Pakistan which is known to be a seat of Muslim extremism. While the US is letting thousands of Central Americans leak through their southern border, we are opening the door, with almost no questions, to people who may be planning our destruction.

We have a mosque just around the corner from our house and I often wonder what goes on inside that mosque. The park beside it, which is a Halifax city park, has become almost exclusively theirs now. They have done this by having a school that uses the park regularly, so much so that other people don't feel welcome to go there. I recall when this park was used by the local public school for soccer games; I haven't seen that for a few years now. The only kids you see playing in the park now are boys and girls with hijab coverings.

It is happening by stealth, this takeover of society by Muslim immigrants. But it doesn't matter how it happens, the result will be the same. The consequence of political correctness and tolerant multi-culturalism is bringing a reality of violence to our country that we would never tolerate if we could see it for what it is.

But we have been duped into thinking that all cultures are alike, that all cultures and religions are equal. They are not. The Islamic faith that permits and condones acts like this is not something that anyone should tolerate. And the fact that moderate Muslims don't condemn such violence speaks volumes; they are all terrified of the violent factions within their own ranks. When I hear people speak of Islam as a religion of peace, I feel incensed; reading the Koran would certainly dispel that claim in short time. The majority of people who attend the Mosque probably don't know what is in the Koran, but there are plenty who do and moderate Muslims do not condemn them. That should tell us something. If Christians were treating people unjustly, we would certainly hear about it from everyone, it is simply not the case. But Muslim injustice goes unchecked by the majority of Muslims because they are simply afraid of the extremists who must be setting the tone.

If we don't stand up against this, we will soon be a country with pockets of this violence everywhere. There are many discontent young men out there who will gladly become Muslims and then self-radicalize. In fact, our government is keeping track of 90 at present who are in that state. They have had their passports removed, but they are still at large. Michael Zihaf-Bibeau was just such a young man.

I predict that Justin Trudeau will talk about the background of this young man and he will lead the victimhood narrative. This shows just how out of touch Trudeau is. Hopefully, Canadians will realise that he hasn't got the backbone nor the sense to lead this country and will get rid of him come election time. 

Just as after the Boston bombings, there were people who talked about the sad histories of the Tsarnaev brothers, there will be accounts of Bibeau's sad past. This is no time for armchair analysis when someone's personal background has turned them into a terrorist. For the sake of everyone else involved, they must be seen first as a terrorist in order to reduce further attacks.

People are hoping that this was an isolated incident and that hopefully this will all die down in  a few weeks and life can go back to normal. That is an ignorant worldview. The fighting that is going on in Syria and Iraq has come here in its own terms, and we need to be prepared for it. Otherwise, we will be caught like deer in the headlights, stunned as we are rolled over.   

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