Friday, September 12, 2014

Pro-Life Groups on Campus

A pro-life group at the University of Victoria BC was met with vandalism when they set up their table at the university's Clubs Day event. Those pro-choicers who objected to the presence of the pro-life group, stole their materials including expensive fetal models and dumped cat feces on the display.

It goes without saying that this is incredibly juvenile behaviour. Those who disagree with something should have the courage to engage in a conversation. The fact that these people resorted to using "cat poop" to make their statement shows that they really don't have a statement. They just have to shut down the pro-life voices.

This is because if they let those voices be heard, they may just have to face the terrible reality of what they or their friends have done, i.e. killed their own babies. This is the real reason for such action: they can't face the horrific truth of what they have done or condoned. The only way they can handle this reality is to block it out: out of sight, out of mind.

Here, in Halifax, the local crisis pregnancy centre has managed to have a table at both St. Mary's University and at Mount St. Vincent University on their open clubs days. And Heather, the director of The Open Door Centre, has either spoken to or given literature to over 450 students. However, Dalhousie University rescinded the Centre's permission to set up a table at that university today.

My guess would be pressure from South House, the new centre for women and for LGBT issues. The director there is quite hostile to anything pro-life and I can see her and her co-horts pressuring the student union to block The Open Door Centre from having a presence on campus.

Again, what are they afraid of? The Centre does not do any in-your-face pro-life advocacy. It simply speaks to individual students about their options should they find themselves facing a surprise pregnancy. Don't pro-choicers see the irony of not allowing that choice to the women they claim to be working for? 

The very acknowledgement that someone might consider carrying her baby to term is threatening to pro-choice advocates. It means recognizing that there is a life there, that abortion really does end that life. This is why even such a gentle presence as The Open Door Centre can't be allowed on the Dal campus.

It is simply too terrifying to have to face the fact that someone might have done something too awful to think about. 

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