Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Indian studies reveal abortion-breast cancer link

Twelve recent studies carried out on the Indian subcontinent reveal that women who have had an abortion are at 5 1/2 times the risk for developing breast cancer.  What is to be noted about these studies are that they have been done on a population with a different history than most other populations. Indian women tend to marry younger, they often do not use hormonal contraception, they tend to have several children, and they are most likely to breastfeed their babies. Therefore many of the other risk factors for breast cancer are absent in these studies.

As Stephen Mosher says, the pro-abortion proponents need to stop avoiding this evidence. They need to inform women of the risks involved with abortion, if they truly care about the women they claim to be advocating for.

The abortion movement continues to whistle past the graveyard—where the bodies of women who have died from abortion-induced breast cancer are buried. It continues to try and discredit the mounting evidence of an ABC link by claiming, “Weak associations can turn up by chance and are therefore random and meaningless.”
It’s fairly obvious to me that the deniers are more concerned about promoting their own dogmatic beliefs than they are about saving women’s lives. The radical feminists believe that women need to be liberated from childbearing. The radical abortion movement believes that Planned Parenthood needs to make money. And the radical environmentalists believe the planet needs to be relieved of its burden of humanity.
 They are irresponsibly advancing their own deadly agendas at the expense of science and women’s lives. What’s scientific and liberating about that?

Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits. Reprinted with permission from Pop.org

With the upcoming Run for the Cure on October 5, 2014 perhaps we need to be informing those who run that they are overlooking a major cause for the breast cancer they are trying so hard to eradicate.

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