Sunday, September 21, 2014

Defending her abortion

A video of a young woman who claims she is not ashamed of having had an abortion.

After talking about all the things her daughter would have done, had she been allowed to live, she then says:

“But I would have supported her right to choose, to choose a life for herself, a path for herself. I would have died for that right, like she died for mine. I am sorry, you came at the wrong time. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed.”

The following is an astute comment on :

Those are wrenching words. It’s one thing to lay your life down for someone else, it’s an insidious other to lay someone else’s life down for your own.

Well said.  It reminds me of Father Frank Pavone's words: 

"Abortion says this is your body given up for me, while Christ says this is my body given up for you."


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