Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Petition against pregnancy centre ads - really?

It is hard not to roll one's eyes when you read this petition.

In response to bus ads for the Open Door Centre, a women's resource centre that aims to help women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy, a Halifax woman has launched a petition to ask Metro Transit to remove these ads.  Her reason? 

They pose as “pregnancy crisis centres" in their bus ads but omit that they are anti-choice and do not provide scientifically accurate information about abortions. Frequently they are financially backed by religious groups that do not approve of abortions. They advertise on the bus, targeting minors, people who are low income, and students who are new to Canada who may not know the ins and outs of the Canadian healthcare system yet.

True, the ads for the Open Door Centre do not say "we do not refer for abortion", however anyone who calls or visits will realise that immediately. What the Centre does provide is a safe place to talk over one's options with someone who is empathetic and informed both about abortion and pregnancy.

Now, I know from personal stories, that girls who visit the Halifax Sexual Health Centre do not get accurate information about their pregnancy. Rather, the first option presented is abortion and these girls are encouraged to procure an abortion, so that they can "get on with their lives". 

They are not told about the risks of abortion: the higher incidence of premature deliveries with subsequent pregnancies (which brings about increased risk of cerebral palsy to name one disability), the risk of infertility due to scarring caused by the abortion; the increased risk of breast cancer (latest studies from India indicate a 5 1/2 times the risk of breast cancer due to an induced abortion). 

So who is being transparent here?  That is the claim of one Allison Sparling and her co-petitioners, that the Open Door Centre is not transparent with young women who seek their services.

This petition is simply the reaction of a group of pro-choice activists who cannot even bear the mention of pro-life efforts that serve both the woman and the child. For them, pregnancy is a problem, something that they just don't want to deal with. Reproductive rights have nothing to do with reproduction, but have everything to do with uncommitted sexual activity with no consequences.

Sadly, they will find out that there are always consequences to actions. They may not get pregnant, but these lifestyles bring their own sad results. Infertility, sexually transmitted disease, not to mention all the broken relationships that lie in the wake of these choices.

Women like Allison may not like the work of centres like the Open Door Centre, but I really don't see why they get their knickers all twisted up trying to prevent anyone else from accessing such help. If they are really "pro-choice", why is it that they don't ever seem to support the choice to be pregnant?

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Anonymous said...

They won't stop until other opinions are totally silenced. It's interesting that the free speech argument only applies to most people when it's their shared opinion.