Wednesday, August 6, 2014

PEI Abortion Conference meets with protest

People need to see what abortion looks like, says Siobhan McLeod of Show the Truth. (CBC)

An international anti-abortion group began distributing flyers with graphic images of what they say are aborted fetuses in Charlottetown Wednesday, in advance of a pro-choice abortion conference in the city.

A group of members of Show the Truth were travelling around Charlottetown on a bus, dropping the flyers in people's mailboxes and leaving them on door steps.
"We want to be here to show people the truth behind what is being spoken about, because people need to see the reality of abortion," said Siobhan McLeod of Show the Truth.

Good for them. They will be coming to Halifax early next week as well. They have the courage of their convictions; when the issue is buried and ignored by most people, Show the Truth activists are convinced that people must be shocked in order to see what is going on. 

After all, didn't William Wilberforce do the same thing to awaken British citizens to the reality of slavery?  No amount of preaching about the evils of slavery worked; it was when Wilberforce showed people the actual horrific reality of the inside of a slave ship that the tide began to turn. And history was changed, because the consciences of ordinary people were convicted.

A pro-life leader here says that graphic images are the "big guns" of the anti-abortion movement and should not be used regularly because people will become desensitized. I believe he is right. But now and then, it is time to bring out the big guns.

Certainly when a group of educated women get together to hold an academic conference promoting abortion in the last holdout province in Canada, it is definitely time for the "big guns". 

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