Monday, July 21, 2014

Post Abortion America

Although to my knowledge Peter Hitchens has never addressed the fact of his aborted siblings in print, on abortion he has much to say. “Those who wonder what they would have done had they lived at the time of some terrible injustice now know the answer,” he has said. “We do live in such a time. And we do nothing.”

A rather shocking article. I knew that Marilyn Monroe had had abortions, but had never heard it was as many as twelve. 

Even the Guttmacher Institute says that half of all women by age 45 will have had an abortion. Keep in mind that this is the average. The women who have multiple abortions put the average up. I personally think that the average of 1 in 3 is more realistic.

A friend of mine said that she was very fortunate that no one in her family had been touched by the issue of abortion. I think her statement is more likely to indicate, not that no one related to her has had an abortion, but that if they did, they are keeping silent about it as the majority of women do. 

Angelina Steenstra told me that, when she marched in the March for Life in Washington in 2012, the crowds by the side of the road had many women in them, women who were crying. As she walked past, Angelina felt acutely that she was looking at the face of America and that the entire culture was post-abortive. As the head of Silent No More Awareness in Canada, Angelina is aware of the healing that is required for these women and men. 

Articles like this one by Jonathon van Maren drive that reality home.

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