Thursday, July 24, 2014

Desert Flower Foundation, a true feminist endeavour

From this morning, a horrific news item.

(AFP) -- Jihadists in Iraq have ordered that all women between the ages of 11 and 46 undergo female genital mutilation, a UN official said Thursday.

Most of us in the West don't even give this another thought, but the next time you see a Somalian woman, think about it. She has probably been mutilated in this way at a very early age. According to UN records, 8000 girls are victims of this crime every day.

A google search showed images that are horrific. I first read about this in Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book Nomad. She herself was a victim of female genital mutilation at the age of 4 or 5.

Another woman very active in the push against this crime is Waris Dirie, a Somalian refugee who fled to Britain, found work as a housemaid and then at McDonalds, was "discovered" by an agent and became a super-model and one of James Bond's girls in a movie.  She walked away from that life and became an activist to help other women who were victims like herself, and in 2002 she founded The Desert Flower Foundation to raise awareness of and to help stop this violation of women in Africa.

Women like Warie Dire and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are true feminists, taking on the fight against real crimes perpetrated on women as their mission. Their lives are remarkable and the whining of western feminists pales in comparison.

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