Saturday, July 12, 2014

Abortion Conference in PEI August 7 & 8

Prince Edward Island is the last holdout in Canada, the only province in which no abortions are performed. Well, at least that is what we believe. (However, I would never be surprised to find out that doctors are performing abortions in their own offices - just listen to the story of Alveda King who had an abortion during a routine medical exam). 

So those who want to bring abortion into that tiny province are trying to break down the barriers to abortion with a conference.

It is called Abortion: The Unfinished Revolution

You can view the conference program at this link.

Apparently there are two doctors, one of whom comes from Nova Scotia, who are willing to travel to PEI twice weekly in order to perform abortions there.

Participants in the conference include speakers from places as far away as Chile, Ireland, South Africa to name a few countries.

If you are interested in attending this conference, I think it would be very good if some pro-life people would do that. I no longer have the stomach to listen to these arguments. I can only take so much feminist chatter.

I hope that pro-lifers show up in great numbers to draw attention to this conference. The residents of charming little PEI will not know what is going on, unless someone points the finger at this conference in downtown Charlottetown during the height of the tourist season.

The conference is based on the assumption that abortion is a woman's issue and that it is the woman who is at the center of this issue. It ignores the very real scientific fact that there is another person involved, one whose life is sacrificed for the convenience of another.

PS - I have since discovered that there are two Dr. MacQuarries, one is Colleen MacQuarry a psychology prof at PEI; the other is Dr. K McQuary an obgyn in Amherst NS.  This is a little confusing, as I was told that the doctor from Amherst is willing to travel to PEI to do abortions. My apologies for misleading anyone here; I should have done more scoping out the two doctors prior to this post. 

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